Oil Aroma Therapy Massage, Massage Paris, Massage Paris 18, Massage i Paris

For your body and soul

This beautiful massage is with oil.

I have prepared for you a healthy and warm atmosphere.

 We will take some minutes together to find out which essential oil would fit your needs (bergamote or lavender against anxiety and stress, rosemary to release headache or cough, rose for a good skin etc…)

You lay down on a massage table.

I put some towels on you to keep you warm.

 At the very first moment that I place my hands on you, you will immediatly feel that you have arrived at the right place and you will feel confident.

 I will take care of your back, legs and feet mostly.

Offer yourself approx. ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES. I'll take care of you.

All you have to do is relax and appreciate the feeling that the tensions of your body smoothly disappear.

 My place is really nice and clean and quiet, I have some nice music that you can listen to during your massage.



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